arizona weekend

Hi guys!
So, I was typical ‘me’ and had so much fun in Arizona that I forgot to take photos until my last day!
But the ones I did take were not bad, ok??
After an awesome night celebrating Miss Laura’s 25th birthday (which included champagne, excellent Mexican food, and a midnight dip in the pool), we needed some fuel the next day, so we headed to the adorably tiny Old Town of Gilbert and got in line for brunch at Liberty Market.

Liberty Market is a cafeteria-style eatery, with lots of industrial touches and fresh, locally-sourced food. It was packed, but luckily we managed to snag a table.

First things first, coffee!

I got an incredible Vietnamese coffee, which consists of strong dark coffee mixed with achingly sweet condensed milk, and stirred over ice. I’m normally a black coffee gal, but when I see Vietnamese coffee on the menu, I just HAVE to get it. And, subsequently, I’m a hyper mess for the rest of the day but it’s soooo worth it!

The birthday girl! Looking gorgeous as per usual…

Food-wise, I got the lox bagel plate, mostly because I saw a waiter walking by with it and then couldn’t get smoked salmon out of my head.

It did not disappoint.

Following breakfast, we took a quick stroll around Gilbert so that I’d actually have some of Arizona to show you.

Phoenix gets kind of a bad rap as far as cities go, but the two times I’ve been there I’ve actually found it quite charming. The city is widespread, but in various little nooks you’ll find some really cool street art, good shopping, awesome eateries, and a modern, lively vibe.

Plus, it’s summer ALL year round!
Ok so that part is not great, but people find ways to beat the heat!

Misting machines are everywhere! These felt great.

So, Laura can officially stay in Arizona now because Snooze has arrived! A steady supplier of Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes? I mean, what more do you really need!?

She also showed me this hilarious little house, which we are still scratching our heads, trying to figure out what the heck it is.

So weird!

Melting, we got back into Andre (the car), and headed home for some air conditioning and the office. As has become a bit of a tradition, we swam in her friend Caley’s pool for a few hours before I finally had to head to the airport, where I realized I was still wearing Laura’s swimsuit halfway through security.
By the way, have you ever gone through airport security with a wet swimsuit bottom on? Let’s just say I got real intimate with some of the TSA staff thanks to that mistake….

Crotch-fondling aside, you were great AZ!


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