just a quick thought

Hi guys!
This is kind of random, but I was just reading this article from Cup of Jo (love, love, LOVE her), and something stood out to me that I want to remember.

The article is on Emma Straub, best-selling author of The Vacationers. While the article focuses mostly on her ‘beauty uniform’, I particularly loved this little snippet from Straub when asked about how she will talk to her sons about beauty when they grow up:
“In our family, my husband is far better at household stuff than I am, and I have a job and earn money, and I think my children will understand from day one that it’s not really an option whether you’re a feminist or not.”
How well-put is that? I’m going to start saying that now!
Hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday 🙂
P.S If you do check out Cup of Jo, make sure you read her Motherhood Around the World series, which is a collection of descriptions of parenting in different parts of the world. So fascinating to read!

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