home sweet home

Last weekend, I went on something of a cleaning kick. They don’t happen often, but when they do, I go all out. When I was done, the house looked so beautiful that I wanted to document it to give you a little tour of where we call home (and to remind myself WHY daily tidying is worth it!). 
Let’s start with the kitchen, shall we? Our home is a somewhat-modern townhouse, with a pretty typical floorplan. We have two floors and a basement with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a small outside porch area. The kitchen/dining/living area are open plan, and definitely the center of the house. You’ll always find at least one of us hanging out here.
My domain is the kitchen (as horribly old fashioned and sexist as that sounds!). I love to cook, so I spend a lot of time here and it’s important to me that the space works well. 
Above is my cooking corner. I have all the spices I use regularly at arm’s length, all the tools I might need, counter space for chopping/mixing, a few pantry staples, and, of course, the espresso machine! Ok, that one is not technically a cooking ‘need’, but it is pretty nice to have 🙂
Spider burners = true love. I also have my knives right above the stove so I can access them without roaming through a drawer.

 Minimal and efficient, just the way I like it!

Sorry for the gross mirror, guess I forgot to clean that!

Next up is the living room! We’re very big on plants and books, as you can see. We’ve moved our outdoor plants inside because of the recent drop in temps, so it’s a bit more crowded than usual, but I love having green things around. Important to note: Conrad is the green thumb in our family, so all credit for our lovely plants should go to him and definitely not me.  We My brother Nicolas also finally put together this gallery wall (a project that has been in the works for, I don’t know, five months or so?). I’m so happy with it!

Our fireplace is electric, and it is one of the BEST things in the entire house. Cold winter evenings are much more bearable with a little flame to keep you warm.

Behind the living room is the dining area. Unfortunately, we use this space mostly for work rather than eating, but I’m trying to fix that and the first step is to make it a pleasant area to be in. Plants, art, a linen table runner, and vintage brass candlesticks help to spruce the place up.

We also have our little bar ‘cart’ in the corner, though right now it is comically stuffed with those EXTRA large liquor bottles, which we purchased for the wedding. I find it hilarious because every time I go to get a drink, I feel like a lilliputian 🙂

 Finally, we have the front porch. We just got our pumpkins so they’re out for display! We’ll be carving them this weekend, so they’ll have a little more personality soon.

And that’s what our living area looks like! If you want to see more of our home, let me know. I’d be happy to do a full house tour (and it would give me a good excuse to clean our place again).
Have a great Thursday!

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