at the farm

Last weekend was a fun, busy blur! 
After a great Saturday night with our friends, we took things pretty easy on Sunday with a short hike, lunch out, and toddler Trick or Treating at the Farm. Mister Max was a chubby tiger, and I couldn’t help but take, oh, I don’t know, a MILLION photos.

 To give Adrienne a little break, Conrad showed Max the “gows” while we waited in line.

My favorite boys!

An intense discussion and examination of the ‘gows’ ensued… 
(Ok I know I’m biased, but is he not the cutest chubby little tiger you’ve ever seen?)

Finally, it was time for candy!

 We hopped in line behind a very well-behaved shark, and were off.

Max was a little wary of the whole process at first, but he quickly got the hang of it. His favorite part was closing the doors to the little houses 🙂


^^apparently we were moving too slow for someone!!
The sun began to set, and while the team got on the tractor for a quick ride, I watched the strollers and caught some snaps of the moon being deliciously creepy and Halloween-like.

One more ‘gow’, just because.
We ended the tour with a bucket full of candy and a completely tuckered-out little tiger.
Such a fun activity for kiddos (and adults, ahem)!


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