Month: November 2015


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I know it’s Friday, but I just realized it’s been forever since I did a ‘lately’ post, and this blog IS called Lately Lena, so in lieu of Friday Favorites, here’s what’s been going on in my life lately!  {petting a sweet little face on the streets of San Francisco} {kitchen adventures – making tarte tatin for the first time!}  {Saturday morning sibling ‘love’ – we’re weird}  {scenes from our halloween party several weeks ago} […]


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friends / happy / healthy / hiking / love / nature / outdoors / sunday / weekend

A few weeks ago, in need of some fresh air and nature, Conrad and I joined our friend Blair for a leisurely hike through Dixon Reservoir. A little bit into our hike, we noticed some friends eating nearby. These guys were NOT afraid of us one bit. At one point we walked by them with about a meter’s distance between us, and they just happily munched on, taking no notice of us whatsoever. Eventually, they […]


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So, I came across this ad this morning via the interwebs, and while at first I was happy to see a boy in a Barbie commercial, the ad itself disturbed me. The commercial features kids excited about a new Barbie (side note: am I the only one who thought Moschino was pronounced Mo-shee-no and not Mo-skee-no? Mind blown.). That’s cool. The ad even features a BOY who likes Barbie (unheard of in commercials during my […]

friday favorite

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After a long, rough week, I only have one favorite to report on and it’s this guy. He puts up with my insanity, comforts me when I’m sad, makes me laugh (and roll my eyes) on the regular, and, best of all, loves me unconditionally. Love you babe!xxLena P.S. I do apologize for how disgustingly sappy this post is, but it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want with it, SO THERE 🙂

san fran snippets, part two

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adventure / california / city / fun / love / san francisco / tourist / travel / yummy

Hello! Just checking in to say hi and share part two of the SF trip. We had ta holiday yesterday and I just caught up on homework so I wanted to make sure to post something today 🙂 Ready for some more photos from our trip? Scroll on! {vietnamese food so good I almost cried} {my room at the hotel – not too shabby!} {colorful stairs at uniqlo} {gargantuan trunks at golden gate park} {just […]

san fran snippets

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adventure / california / fun / love / san francisco / travel / trips / work

Hey hey! I’m back from San Francisco and still going through pictures 🙂 Besides a wicked cold towards the end, the trip was great and I totally fell in love with San Francisco. I usually try to divide my trip blog posts by what we did that day, but we did SO much that I think a photo blog is more appropriate. So, sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy San Francisco through my lens! […]

finding it

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Hello! I’m still in San Francisco, at the An Event Apart conference. Our weekend was great, and I have a gazillion photos to share with you, but I wanted to check in and say hello before bombarding you with a packed weekend recap post. Also I am having a lot of thoughts and I want to write them down.The conference I am attending is one I found sort of by accident when my boss asked […]