finding it


I’m still in San Francisco, at the An Event Apart conference. Our weekend was great, and I have a gazillion photos to share with you, but I wanted to check in and say hello before bombarding you with a packed weekend recap post. Also I am having a lot of thoughts and I want to write them down.
The conference I am attending is one I found sort of by accident when my boss asked me to submit a proposal of training opportunities that I was interested in. I don’t know how much I have shared about my professional life, but I pretty much ‘fell’ into my current line of work so I’m relatively new to my field and the opportunities within it.

I am a web developer, so I create, design, edit, and manage websites. This is not what I studied in school, nor is it what I wanted to do growing up (I wanted to be a nurse practitioner…a few gory episodes of Grey’s Anatomy quickly killed that dream). To be honest, I didn’t even know web design was a thing, let alone a thing that people did for money. My bachelor’s degree was in International Relations, and my master’s was in Public Communication and Technology. I always saw myself working as PR rep for a non-profit organization, or a communications director at a UN agency. During my graduate degree, I took a part-time job where I told them I knew a little about HTML and CSS (internet markup/style languages).

Confession time: I lied…but I learned! And that little fib led me to find what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Now I edit websites all day, training users, and creating new pages. I’m part of a team that is working on a major redesign project. I am attending a conference (in San Francisco, no less) about web design and all it encompasses. I’m surrounded by people who get giddy talking about HTML5, mobile design, and the future of web use.  I’ve been blown away by the speakers and how passionate and forward-thinking they are. I actually understand when people discuss things like PHP, Javascript, Drupal, APIs, and CMSs. Obviously, I still have SO much to learn, but the fact that I can’t take in this stuff more quickly makes me so happy. This is it! I found it! This is what I want to do and these people are who I want to be, and they’re brilliant and creative and COMPLETE nerds and I love it.

I just wanted to share that with you. Stay tuned for some SF posts later this week 🙂


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