san fran snippets

Hey hey! I’m back from San Francisco and still going through pictures 🙂 Besides a wicked cold towards the end, the trip was great and I totally fell in love with San Francisco. I usually try to divide my trip blog posts by what we did that day, but we did SO much that I think a photo blog is more appropriate. So, sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy San Francisco through my lens!
{Gorgeous views in Salt Lake City}
{uber time! Met so many great drivers that weekend}
{happy hour in SF!}
{our neighborhood –  a joy to discover by foot with our carry on bags when we arrived}

{halloween day brunch}

{puppies in the mission}
{aquarium time}

{hotel room sushi, ALL for ME :)}
I’ll post another one of these this week since this is barely 1/3 of what we got up to, so stick around!

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