a day in stockholm

As some of you know, we spent the last two weeks of December in Stockholm.

My dad lives there, and it’s where our family always meets up on the holidays.

On one (rare) sunny day, we decided to venture out into the cold and tour the city before the sun went down.

Our plan was to catch a ferry that tours the archipelago, so we headed towards Östermalm. Unfortunately, the ferry was closed that day, so instead we strolled around the harbor in search of something else to do.

Stopping, of course, at the Marzipan Boat!

Having made our way to Djurgården, we decided to pay a visit to Skansen, Stockholm’s open-air museum and zoo.

If you ever visit Stockholm, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Skansen. In addition to being a zoo, it also features several old houses and buildings set up to look exactly like Swedish stores and homes in various historical time periods.

I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside the stores/homes, but it’s like taking a stroll through history!

On the main square, we found a bustling market, complete with a live band and dancers!

We were clever and brought our own mulled wine in a flask – best idea EVER!


Having saved $$ on the wine, we splurged on some cotton candy (sockervadd, in Swedish).

My gorgeous sister!

I kind of started to regret our choice of snack when we walked past this stall, offering a line of fried bread with bacon (can’t remember the name of this!)…but never mind. On to the animals!

Like the seals!

And the elk!

We spotted this fox in the bear area (don’t worry, the bears were hibernating and not in the park!)

A couple of lynx.

And some Nordic bison! Plus a little guy….

The cutest, though, were the wolverines, who jumped around and played like little kids.

When the sun started to set (at 2:30 pm!), we made our way towards the exit.

We had one more important stop before leaving: HOT DOGS!

^^Margot’s face is priceless.

Once the sun went down, we hitched a ride on a ferry to our subway stop. As we struggled to stay awake, the boat zoomed along, giving us one last glimpse of this beautiful city.

A wonderful day 🙂


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