christmas in stockholm

Hello and happy Tuesday! 
As it was Martin Luther King Jr. day in the US, I decided to take Monday off from blogging as well. 
I have to say, I missed you guys! So, I’m making it up to you with one final Sweden post, and even though I am so incredibly late on this, I thought I’d share our family’s Christmas! As you can see so far, the Girerd-Barclay’s are QUITE the party animals…

To be fair, we all came to Sweden from different parts of the globe, so were all suffering from horrendous jet lag. Still, we managed to do it up right for the holiday.

{so sorry for the BLUR!}

Poppy (the sheepdog) was ecstatic to have her herd back together once again!

This year was extra special because Margot’s best friend, Emily, surprised her with a last-minute trip to Stockholm!

Included in the festivities was little ol’ me…
Miss Poppy…

My little brother and his beautiful girlfriend, Aja…

The old man…

The young ladies…

And my fantastic parents, of course.
After a day of cooking, we excitedly sat down to Christmas dinner.

Bon appétit et joyeux noël!

*  *  *

On Boxing Day, we took advantage of the sun and set out for one more day of exploring in Stockholm.


Nick took us to the top of a hill in Södermalm with the absolute BEST views of the city.

The gang!

We followed the photoshoot with pasta at Vapiano, which obviously also needed to be photographed.

I mean….COME ON.

Finally, we ended the day with a trip to the skating rink. I stayed on the sidelines for this one, but managed to catch the skaters in all their glory.

{minutes before falling}

I apologize for how all-over-the-place this post is, but I wanted to share our holiday with you!  I love my family, both chosen and given, and am so grateful to them for making this Christmas so lovely and memorable.

Have a great week, friends.

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