a pop of red

What is it about late January?

The beginning of January is so exciting and full of promise – new year’s resolutions, fresh starts, bounds of energy, etc., – but come January 20th, all I want to do is take a big nap and wake up some time in mid May.
Even getting dressed is boring. Me! Bored by clothes! Frickin’ winter.
Luckily, I have this time-consuming handy blog, so I do have some motivation to make a bit of an effort, but, let me tell you, it’s getting tough. All I want to wear are my plaid PJ bottoms and an old sweatshirt! I mean, what is the world coming to?
So, in an effort to get off the couch and away from Netflix, I managed to put this little outfit together one weekend. I’m not giving up on my beloved black, but I did add a bright pop of color with my lipstick (MAC Ruby Woo) and the scarf, which is a Forever 21 favorite. Matching my lips to my accessories? Always a do in my book.
Wearing: Old Navy Skinny Rockstar jeans, H&M Pea Coat, F21 scarf, Steve Madden Booties, LOFT sweater, H&M beanie.
This incredible bag is another H&M find from two years ago. Genuine leather and 30% off! Unfortunately, it’s no longer in stock ☹

It’s funny, because even though the below-freezing temps make me want to do anything other than get dressed up, actually making the effort to look nice does wonders for my attitude. All of a sudden, I feel more productive and more optimistic! 
Good to remember for those days when even going outside seems like the worst idea in the world (e.g. every single day until May 25th)…

2 responses to “a pop of red”

  1. These photos are absolutely breathtaking, and you look beautiful in red! Makes me crave the country instead of the concrete jungle of the city.

    La Petite Noob


  2. Thank you so much, Joelle! From you, that's a huge compliment!


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