style spotlight: jeanne damas

So….I have a crush.

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Don’t worry, Conrad! It’s a girl-crush. And, I’m not the only one! The fashion world is totally mad for this Parisian belle, and, with her signature plum lips, big brown eyes, and unique fashion-sense, it’s not hard to see why. Meet Jeanne Damas, French blogger, model, and all-around It girl (God I hate that phrase).

jeanne damas 1

Yes, this is a totally superficial love, but we’re all allowed those once in a while, right? I find Jeanne’s unique sense of style and ‘undone’ look so refreshing and chic. She is the epitome of la Parisienne – cool, but not trying to be; beautiful, but still natural; elegant, but not too perfect. Keep scrolling for some of my favorite outfits of hers, and how to get look!
Her style is fairly simple, but she still keeps things funky and cool. I especially love the little 70’s details she throws in (flared high waisted jeans, wrap dresses, vintage t-shirts, etc.). And those BANGS! Trying to stop myself from rushing out and getting them A.S.A.P. 
Speaking of la Parisienne, blogger and illustrator Garance Doré wrote a hilarious list of Things Parisians Do. I’m not from Paris, but I see a lot of these from my French side! And some from this list, too.
Want to get the look? See my some of my Jeanne-inspired choices below:
jeanne-damas 2

{images via here, here, and here}


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