katie’s shower

Last weekend, I was invited to my friend Katie’s baby shower.

As usual, I was late, but better late than never, right? ☺

Katie’s mom, Joni, hosted the shower, and she went ALL OUT. Both she and Katie are very crafty (like mother, like daughter), and she made almost all of the decor. Of course, I had to take photos of everything.

After a delicious brunch (including a few mimosas!), Katie sat down to open gifts.

I kind of wish I had thought to make a video of this, because after every opening all you could hear was a collective “Awwwwwwww!” throughout the room. Every single gift was so cute and so exciting to imagine their baby using (and also quickly growing out of!).

After a while, we took a little break for cake and more champagne.
I mean, how beautiful is this set up? #goals

Then it was back to the pressies!

Even more presents! This baby is one lucky kid ☺

It was so much fun to celebrate with Katie. We met when Conrad and I first started dating, because they were roommates at the time. Fun fact: Katie also started dating her now baby-daddy around the same time! It’s been really cool to see how both of those relationships have grown.

The thrilled grandmas-to-be!

Thank you so much, Joni, for hosting such a wonderful party, and another big congratulations to Katie and Dre! We cannot wait to meet your little guy (and we are always available for free babysitting…no, seriously!). Love you!


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