And the first month of 2016 is already over! That went by fast.

January (better known to some as the ‘Monday’ of months) was busy and a bit crazed. With multiple visiting guests, school back in session, and some big projects at work, I’m actually pretty exhausted! Still, I’m ready for February.

February signifies warmer months to come, although that’s really hard to believe right now since I’m looking out the window at a snow blizzard as I type this. February is also the month of a polarizing, extremely sensitive and debilitating holiday known as Valentine’s Day ☺ I personally have always loved Valentine’s Day, despite the fact that it is a total ‘Hallmark’ holiday. To me, the day has always just been a way to remind your favorite people that you love them, and maybe spoil them with a chocolate kiss or two. In addition to Valentine’s Day, this month I’m excited for some fun travel-planning, finally watching Game of Thrones, and lots of chocolate!

What’s your favorite thing about February?

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