snowed in

I’ve lived in Fort Collins for six years and in Sweden for six before that, and this is the FIRST snow day I’ve had EVER!

We got word of a storm coming over the weekend, but since I usually don’t find weather reports too reliable, I didn’t really think much of it. Besides, it snows all the time here, and we never have snow days. Once, when I was still in grad school, we did get a half snow day because although our school president declared that “the Bears will win the World Series before I close the school for snow!”, a girl got injured due to a branch breaking and falling on her from the weight of the snow. But that didn’t count, in my mind, because I’d already had to get up and face the elements.


 Well, ok, I actually did a lot of cleaning and organizing and some homework, but I did not leave the house, I did not get dressed, and I also slept in until about 11:30! BLISS!

So this is my ‘fashion’ post for today. Plaid onesie and no makeup. Très chic, no?

For the first time since Christmas I’m so happy for snow! Now everyone cross your fingers it keeps going so we also have tomorrow off….


P.S. Just kidding, I know it costs tons of money when there are snow days. But a girl can dream!

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