spring edit

Spring is my favorite month, fashion-wise. After all, it’s not too hot, all you need is a light jacket! <== name that movie!
But seriously, it’s so much easier to look put-together when you’re a) not freezing to death or b) sweating buckets because it’s so hot. It’s the perfect in-between weather.

My spring essentials are not that different from my year-round essentials (leather jacket, big tote bag, boots, etc.), but the spring edit includes some fresh takes on the classics. See below:

spring essentials

Thanks to the capsule wardrobe concept, I have almost all of these from last spring. The challenge? To make them feel fresh and new again. Keep reading to see how I plan on doing that.

at the office
Old faithful: white button-down, cozy cardigan, non-jean pants, and neutral accessories. The perfect no-muss, no-fuss office wear (and the cardigan will help you go from freezing conference rooms to warm lunches outside with no issue).
coffee date

Leopard flats dress up any outfit, so even a top and jeans can look fancy if you have a quick meeting or day date. Also, if possible, add a hat. Don’t be scared, just go for it!

window shopping
To me, less is always more, especially when shopping, and this simple combo of a button-down with black jeans is perfect for strolling through town with a friend. Also, a big bag = more shopping!
cocktail hour

Swap your typical ‘going out’ dress for a crisp shirt-dress to make a statement, and make it special with some pretty braids and a bright lip.

farmer's market
Stripes, denim, converse. ‘Nuff said.

running errands
Errands are boring, but you’re outfit doesn’t have to be! Make even a regular day special with a lace embroidered dress topped with a edgy moto jacket and some relaxed boots.

And that’s what I’m planning to wear all spring! Now I just need the weather to get on board…


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