chilled out

This pair of jeans…let me tell you. 
They have a story.

Like almost every woman (and I’m sure a lot of men), I hate buying jeans. I always walk away from the store convinced that either my torso is freakishly long or my legs freakishly short, that my waist is not proportionate with my hips, my thighs are too big and my knees too knobby, etc., etc., –  it just generally sucks!

That’s why I find it hilarious that these babies were purchased in a drunken frenzy in Las Vegas…and they fit LIKE A DREAM.

The first time I actually wore them was when I was being stuffed into them by my sweet friend Laura, who was trying to dress me for the early morning flight (after the previously-mentioned drunkeness of the night before). I have a vague memory of her quietly coaxing me into them (e.g. “first this leg”,”…and now the other one”, and,”….no that’s the same leg hole, hold on”), while I complained about being woken up at the ungodly hour of 5:45 am.

Needless to say the flight home sucked! Once home, I promptly ripped the jeans off, tossed them on the floor, and crawled into bed for the rest of the week weekend.

It took a week to recover from all the fun, but when I finally cleaned my room, I came across this pair (and a few other items) that I DID NOT REMEMBER PURCHASING.

With some consulting of my bank statement, I started to put the pieces together. Most of the things I purchased were totally unnecessary and/or ridiculous (a striped, belly-baring crop-top? Really, Lena?) got returned, but these jeans were a surprising score!

They’re the perfect jean-blue, they have just the right amount of not-too-strategically-placed rips, and they hang like an actual boyfriend’s jeans (if my boyfriend were 5’8 and fit into my jeans). They’re so comfy, and, surprisingly, NOT stretchy, so they feel really sturdy and well made. Also, they’re from Forever 21, so they were a steal! At least when I drunk shop, I hit the cheap places.

{Hat and scarf are H&M, the jacket Forever 21, sweater is from LOFT, and the slip-on’s are Target}

So, moral of the story? If you need to buy jeans, get really drunk first for shopping success!

Just kidding. Don’t do that. 
But if you somehow get lucky? Just go with it ッ
P.S. How do I always manage to post wintery outfits when the sun is shining and the weather is warm?? To be fair, the weather changes about 3 times a day in Colorado, so I don’t know why I’m even surprised, but it just cracks me up how off I am with these posts!

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