Hello and happy Thursday!
I’m sorry for the lack of posts this and last week – I’ve been having some issues with my Macbook and uploading/editing pictures has been a nightmare. I’m taking it to be looked at asap, but as a way of apologizing, you’re getting TWO posts today!! 
Keep scrolling for a little peek at what’s been going on lately, and stay tuned for an outfit post later today ☺
{saturday sushi}
{a chilly stroll in the park} 

{brunching at the breakfast club with lovely friends}

{weekly indulgence} 
{fun at the farm with my favorite kiddo}

{lemon yogurt cake, in the making}

{pretty light on a Sunday afternoon}

{gloomy-day hiking with friends}

{eggs, avocado, and salmon =  best breakfast ev-urrr}
See you later!

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