friday favorites

Heeyaaaaa! (Who just started singing this in their heads? You’re welcome.)

How was everyone’s week? Personally, I’m in shock that we’re halfway through March already –  wasn’t it January, like, yesterday??

My week was pretty good. C and I are on spring break next week – which, by the way, is definitely not as fun when you still have to work from 8-5 everyday – so this week entailed a lot of wrapping up of projects and scrambling to get things done. 
Next week should be fun, though, with both Pi Day (Monday) and St.Patrick’s Day (Thursday) to celebrate! I’m thinking of doing some fun recipes for those, so stick around to see if I actually go through with it or just slack off instead. I like to keep you guys on your toes, over here ☺
Favorite spring recipe:
{how luscious does this grapefruit & campari sorbet look? Recipe from Drizzle and Dip}

Favorite before & after:

{always love a good before & after, and this one from The Merrythought does not disappoint}

Favorite new obsession:

{I’ve gone down the snapchat rabbit hole and I can’t get out. Add me @lenabanana55 for endless selfies, New Girl quotes, and too much fun with filters}

Favorite easy hairstyle:

{for those cool-girl vibes. More inspo on my pinterest board}

Favorite new cookbook:

{been a big fan of Chrissy since forever, and her new cookbook is packed with hilarious tales and fabulous dishes – order here}

Favorite must-watch video:

{so true. so hilarious. Via Fast Company}

Favorite reality check:

{the fascinating lives of disney princess impersonators, via Refinery29}

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Much love,

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