How are you all this week?
I’m feeling a little better, thank God. I took it really easy last weekend and slept, drank tea, and repeatedly gargled with salt water (the absolute best cure for a sore throat). Unfortunately, that means I don’t have a ton of content planned for this week. Instead, I want to share a little of what’s been happening lately, since I have been a little bit more distracted than usual. Enjoy!
 {a gorgeous drive on a snowy day}
{an emerald beauty on St. Patrick’s day}

{tickets to Sweden for this summer are booked! Already counting the days…}

{latest obsession: trader joe’s frozen gyoza + sweet chili sauce. I. Can’t. Stop.}

{how you know you’re old: when you get giddy about your new vacuum arriving} 
{a lovely, peaceful moment with a new friend a few weeks ago} 
{Max Danger and his Uncle Conrad, just chilling}

{beer-mosas on Easter morning}

Hope you are all having  great start to the week!

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