Ice cream…
Drooling yet? Well, just you wait.

Today’s recipe is probably my easiest one yet (only two ingredients!), but that does not mean it is any less delicious.

Two ingredients might seem like something that’s not even worth turning into a post, but I disagree.

Affogato is one the easiest and most elegant desserts out there. And it’s Italian, so you’ll feel extra fancy!

Ready to get started?

First, brew some coffee.
You can make it as strong or weak as you like, though, traditionally, affogato is made with espresso.
I used my handy IKEA french-press, and some toasted cinnamon coffee (Kroger brand – don’t judge me, it’s so good).

While the coffee’s a-brewin’, pull out your ice cream. I used store-brand vanilla bean, but, of course, you can choose whatever flavor you want (though I’d avoid sorbets or fruity ice-creams – stick to flavors that work well with coffee). Come to think of it, this would be sooo yummy with some dark chocolate ice cream…trying that next time!

Using a warm ice-cream scoop (soak it in warm water for best results), spoon out two or three scoops into a small glass, mug, or bowl. I like using a glass because it looks so pretty when you add the dark coffee to the light ice-cream.

Ok. Now the hard part.

Pour the coffee onto the ice-cream.

And that’s it.

SO simple, SO delicious, SO worth it. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, or an impromptu dinner party, and can even be transformed into a fancy cocktail with the addition of a coffee liqueur, like Kalua or similar.

Try it!! And then invite me over


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