a little off-the-shoulder romance

I’m having a little love affair…

That is, with a clothing item. Just to be clear.
You may remember this top from my Valentine’s Day beauty post, and I’m happy to say I’m just as in love with it now as I was then.

This black top is my new favorite item in my closet. The off-the-shoulder look is everywhere right now, and even though I am sometimes a little self-conscious of my broad shoulders (thanks, swim team!), they are my favorite body part to show off.

This top somehow manages to pull of being flirty, bohemian, and cool all at once. Plus, it is more than forgiving when you have a big meal ahead (stay tuned for another post on where we went to dinner)!

{jeans from Asos, heels from Lauren Conrad, top from H&M, vintage messenger bag}

Just a little outfit inspiration for you on this sunny Wednesday!

Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure: the heels came off almost instantly once we got in the car
Just keeping things real for you!


One response to “a little off-the-shoulder romance”

  1. I really like the top too. The pictures look amazing.
    Cheers to you!


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