Month: May 2016

friday favorites

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friday / friday favorites / weekend

Hello and happy Friday! I’m back from a fantastic getaway with one of my best friends, and feeling refreshed and revived (despite the threatening clouds outside). It’s so funny how even a few days away can change your perspective. A good reminder to start booking the next vacation right away…you know, for my health and stuff ☺ Most importantly, Friday Faves are back! Read on to see what made me smile this week… Favorite trend: {loving […]

summer to do list

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summer / to do

With June right around the corner, I think it’s about time I shared my 2016 Summer To Do List! If you haven’t seen my previous lists, every season I like to jot down a few ‘goals’ that I’d like to accomplish. I’m not strict about it, but I find that writing a few things I want to do helps me to enjoy the season to the fullest and pushes me to try new things. Having […]

weekend update

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Hello! How are you all doing? The last two weeks have been a blur of final projects, exams, papers, oh, and a full-time job, so please excuse my absence. But as of yesterday, everything has been turned in! Freeeeeeedom, baby! I just feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. I think I overdid it, taking nine credits. By the end of this semester, I was a stressed out, frazzled mess of nerves, […]

saturday afternoon

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family / life / nephew / weekend

This weekend, I took my nephew to Conrad’s store to say hi before hitting Barnes and Noble for some play/book time. What I thought was going to be five minute visit turned into almost an hour and a half of musical fun with Uncle Conrad, one which I could not stop snapping. Just watching these two bond over musical instruments….sooo many feels! Tip: If you need to entertain a toddler, give them an instrument! When […]