saturday afternoon

This weekend, I took my nephew to Conrad’s store to say hi before hitting Barnes and Noble for some play/book time. What I thought was going to be five minute visit turned into almost an hour and a half of musical fun with Uncle Conrad, one which I could not stop snapping. Just watching these two bond over musical instruments….sooo many feels!
Tip: If you need to entertain a toddler, give them an instrument! When Max first discovered Conrad’s guitar at our house, he literally sat there playing it and fiddling with the end of the guitar to ‘tune’ it (too cute) for more than an hour. Which, in toddler world, is a LONG time to be interested in one thing! They’re truly the gifts that keep on giving.
View the following images at your own risk –  they are EXTREMELY cute and may result in you wanting a child immediately. Uteruses, beware!

Hope this made you smile today! 


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