summer to do list

With June right around the corner, I think it’s about time I shared my 2016 Summer To Do List! If you haven’t seen my previous lists, every season I like to jot down a few ‘goals’ that I’d like to accomplish. I’m not strict about it, but I find that writing a few things I want to do helps me to enjoy the season to the fullest and pushes me to try new things. Having just returned from Mexico (pics coming soon, I promise!), I am in FULL summer-mode and more than ready to enjoy the warm weather and slower pace of life that make this season so freaking awesome. 
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1. Buy fresh produce from the farmer’s market and challenge myself to try new recipes every week

2. Spend more weekend time with Conrad, who worked almost every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last semester

3. Learn how to use a sewing machine

4. Practice my French for our summer wedding party in Savoie with the French side of my family (who were not able to come to our wedding last year)

5. Go camping and sleep under the stars

6. Read at least ten new books (just finished this one and looking at this one next)

7. Make a blogging schedule and Stick.To.It.

8. Go for daily evening walks

9. Fix up my bicycle and try to bike to work more

10. Play tennis in the park

What’s on your list this summer? I’d love to know!


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