friday favorites

Happy Friday!

How are you all? After a pretty rough week last week, I’m thankfully feeling a lot better. This weekend I have a very fun girls’ camping trip planned, so I will really try to be a good blogger and take tons of photos to share here. We’re heading to a campsite on the Poudre River, and I cannot wait to be in the mountains, go hiking, sit by a warm campfire, and sleep under the stars. I’m so excited!
Keep reading for a few of my favorite things! (Be honest – who else just started singing this?)
Favorite culinary challenge:

{been wanting to make macarons from scratch since forever…hopefully this motivates me! Via The Kitchn}

Favorite home:

{I love the tiny, thoughtful details that make this Vancouver home so charming. Via ApartmentTherapy}

Favorite romantic story:

{a Korean couple, living 6,863 miles apart, turn their long distance relationship into art with their side-by-side series of photos of their daily lives, via MyModernMet}

Favorite essay:

{30 things writer Lara Ghaoui learned by the time she turned 30. A must read.}

Favorite easy tips to help keep your brain sharp:

{nine habits that make you smarter, via Camille Styles}

Favorite laugh:

{women having terrible time at parties, via The Toast}

Favorite after-work activity:

{afternoon dips in Horsetooth Reservoir are what summer’s all about}

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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