We got to catch up with a lot of friends and family while in France, but one of my favorite reunions was with this cutie! Meet Zeus; sheep herder, village dog, and ultimate cuddle bug. It feels like he’s been around my whole life, but I just learned that he is actually 10 years young, and such a sweetheart. He’s a Great Pyrenees, known locally as a Patou.

(By the way, if you’re in the area, you should never approach this breed if they are with their flock, because they will attack you – it’s not personal! So keep your distance. Off the clock, however, they’re wonderful!)

Zeus is now retired, and living the good life in his little village of Sollières, where my aunt used to live for years. We stopped by to see her old house and the nearby lake (nicknamed the Lac du Mariage, because it is where my parents were married more than 30 years ago!), and were pleasantly delayed by Zeus’ charm. We all had to stop and give him a cuddle, because…well, just look! Could you resist that face?

Just hanging around 🙂

Anyway, just had to share these snaps with you, because he is just too darn cute not to!

Hope this post brightened your day 🙂 On t’aime, petit Zeus!


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