summer in stockholm

I think I can honestly say that there is nothing better than Swedish summer.It may only last one week per year (sob), but when the sun shines, the whole country just comes alive!

After our France/Italy/Switzerland extravaganza, we had planned a few quiet days in Stockholm with my dad and brother before heading back to Colorado. Unfortunately, as soon as we got to Stockholm both Conrad and I became pretty sick (probably due to travel, lack of sleep, and an abundance of unpasteurized cheeses), so our first few days were verrrrry low-key. Turns out, that was exactly what we needed! A few days later we felt infinitely better and more than ready to head home.

Though there were some days spent napping on the couch, or watching TV (Netflix is different in Europe!), we actually got quite a lot done in the short time we were there. We did a ferry tour of the Stockholm archipelago, explored the medieval town of Uppsala (just north of Stockholm), ate fantastic shrimp sandwiches in tiny little sea towns, spent the afternoon with an old friend and her lovely family, biked through forests in search of lakes to jump in, had a mini high-school reunion in Stockholm, and, of course, got as much family time in as possible.

I could walk you through everything we did, but I think instead I’ll let the photos do the talking this time…


So, have I convinced you to visit yet???


One response to “summer in stockholm”

  1. You definately have! Stunning photos.
    Thanks so much for sharing love.



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