diy marble tray makeover

Well, hello! I’m so sorry for being a bit absent this week. My little brother arrived on Monday, and it’s been a whirlwind of trying to get house, school, and car/motorcycle stuff done! I do have a fun post for today, though.

I love crafting and DIY projects, but, like almost everyone else who loves crafting and DIY, I am so bad about actually starting and finishing projects from beginning to end. Last weekend, however, I decided to finally commit and actually get one item on my long list of DIY to-do’s, and it turned out great!

I bought this IKEA tray years ago, and it’s been a super useful purchase, but, as you can see, it was in dire need of a little TLC. I’d seen versions of this DIY all over the internet (do a quick google search for “IKEA Tray DIY” and you’ll get hundreds of ideas), and, because I had some marble contact paper left-over from another project (more on that later), I decided to give my old tray a fresh makeover.

The first step? To give the tray a good ol’ clean.

Once clean, I measured out the contact paper, cut it out, and (here comes the hard part…) just stuck it right in the tray.

Yeah. It’s that easy.

The only problem? Now I want to makeover every single blank space with marble contact paper. #marbleoneverything

Didn’t it turn out great? I made breakfast in bed just so I could admire my handiwork, so it’s a win-win DIY no matter what.

So, what do you think? Is this a project you might try?
Hope you’re all having a great week!

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