my minimal everyday makeup routine

Well hello there!
I just realized that I’ve had this beauty tutorial just sitting and collecting dust in my draft posts and I decided it was better to share it late than never. This is my no-makeup makeup look, the one I use when I like to pretend I have naturally clear skin (thank you, concealer!), long lashes (thank you, mascara!), and pink lips (thank you, lipstick!). I like to think of it as ‘Me, But Better’

This is pretty much my go-to look year-round, though I’ll occasionally throw in a seasonal update (a plum lip in winter, some highlighter in spring, etc.).

It’s also extremely easy, versatile, and pretty, if I do say so myself!

So how is it done? Let me walk you through it…
First things first: moisturize!

I always begin applying makeup with a clean, smooth face (or as close to one as I can get). To do that, I layer a light moisturizer (preferably with SPF) over my skin and wait a few minutes to let it ‘sink’ in.

Next, I use a combination of CC Cream (this is my current fave) and powder to cover up the dark circles, red spots, and any blemishes that might be peeking out. I try to use as little of both products because I hate it when my skin feels ‘cakey’, but your coverage level is totally up to you.

Once my skin looks ok, I attack work on my eyebrows by filling them in with light brushstrokes. This pencil is the holy grail of eyebrow makeup and, while I love it, be warned that it is very flimsy and I’ve had two break entirely in half! Still usable, but a bit annoying.
Following eyebrows, I put on a quick coat or two of mascara (I used this one, but this classic is still my all-time favorite)
Finally, I pat some cream blush into the apples of my cheeks (do this in natural light to avoid the porcelain doll look), and blot some moisturizing lipstick or stain  on my lips (currently using this guy in Like).

And that’s it! This routine at MOST takes me 10 minutes to do, and I always feel a bit more put-together and ready for the day when I take the time to do it.

Here’s hoping you all have a great Wednesday!

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