Friday Favorites

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I hope you’ve all had a good week. I’ve been battling a low immune system + a slew of life changes (mostly good!), so I’m personally feeling a little low on energy. Thank goodness for Labor Day on Monday, because tomorrow is Tour de Fat, and I will definitely need at least two days to recover! This year I plan on riding in the parade (we missed last year’s tour because we were travelling), so I have a bit of work to do costume- & bike-wise. But I’m excited! Tour de Fat is always a crazy, silly good time, and if you’re in the Fort Collins area, it’s a must-see. What are you up to this weekend?
Keep reading for favorites!

Favorite for-no-particular-reason cocktail

{the prettiest rhubarb lilac spritzer, via Lark & Linen}

Favorite back-to-school advice (even if you’re not a student):

{how to take advantage of the back-to-school energy boost, via AT}

Favorite office space:

{the most aesthetically pleasing office I’ve seen in a while, via AT}

Favorite ‘free’ therapy:

{great advice for when you can’t afford a therapist, via Man Repeller}

Favorite list:

{films to watch at every stage of your career, via My Domaine}

Least favorite part of growing up:

{the science behind why your hangovers get so much worse as you age, via NY Mag}

Favorite last-minute dinner ideas:

{simple and easy Trader Joe’s dinner hacks, via Cup of Jo}

Have a great weekend!

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