fall to do list

And just like that, fall has arrived! After a truly incredible summer, I am more than ready to welcome in the colder weather. As you may remember, I try to begin every new season with a list of things I want to do, make, or accomplish. It’s not a strict list by any means, but more of a general guideline of how I want to celebrate the change in the weather.

Keep reading to see what I’m looking forward to this fall…

1. Book a trip to NYC for a weekend celebrating Conrad’s big 3-0!

2. Host my annual pumpkin carving party

3. Knit a big, cozy blanket

4. Go trick or treating with our nephew

5. Re-read all of the Harry Potter series

6. Master the perfect apple pie recipe (and blog about it, of course)

7. Take a day-trip to Estes Park (and make sure to get a drink at the Stanley Hotel)

8. Learn how to braise meat

9. Spend as much time outside as possible before temps really drop

10. Tailgate at the old CSU Stadium one last time

What’s on your to do list this season?

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