monday blues

Is there anything more versatile, revolutionary, and just plain cool as denim?

A staple in every Western girl and boy’s closet since the 1950s, denim is one of those few clothing items that truly never goes out of style. It’s physical form may change from decade to decade (skinny, straight, boot-cut; bedazzled, ripped, bleached; dresses, jackets, skirts, jeans, etc.), but denim continues to remain an indispensable component of most peoples’ wardrobes. They can convey any feeling and are appropriate to wear to almost* any event.  I probably own about 10 pairs, and wear denim  AT LEAST 4-5 times per week.

*That said, I’d save the ripped, paint-splattered jeans to wear at home on the weekend vs Monday at the office…but that’s just me. You do you!

My favorites are my deep, crisp denim blue pair, with a skinny fit and a slightly higher waist, though I also love my dramatic flares, my cropped pedal pushers, my boyfriend jeans (which, by the way, are not actually my boyfriends’, as his jeans would look like a paper bag on me), and don’t even get me STARTED on my DIY denim cutoff collection – thrift stores for the win! I’ve also had a recent love affair with Mom jeans, as next week’s series will fill you in 🙂

So, this Monday, let’s hear it for the ultimate fashion workhorse, that magical material that somehow manages to lift things that gravity wants to pull down, suck in things that want to pop out, and smooth things that usually require a very good photo editing software to fix. Denim, we love you! Thank you for always bring there Monday morning, when we’re tired and groggy and unready for the week. You make that ‘Oh shit, what the hell am I going to wear’ moment just that much less stressful in the am!

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