Month: February 2017


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lately / latelylena

I always like these ‘lately’ posts because they really force me to slow down and appreciate the little moments. A delicious dessert. An extra warm cuddle from Winston. The magical way the light hits the trail behind our house. Things have been crazy as usual, so it’s been extra nice to take note of these small happenings and remember that, no matter what else is going on in the world, things are and always will […]

spring to do list

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spring / to do

Is declaring a to-do list for the spring season on Feb 27 a bit premature? Probably, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue and all I can think about is SPRING. Fresh, bright, shiny spring. I’m looking so forward to longer days, warmer temps, and, just recently, the option of whether or not to wear a top at all! #freethenipple  While I doubt I’ll be ditching my tops altogether any time soon, […]


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color / decor / design / love / style

Hey friends! I’ve been a bad blogger this week, and I apologize. I have a whole bunch of half-written posts that I just didn’t like enough to publish and subject you all to, so, instead, today is going to be all about pretty images to soothe and inspire you 🙂 Enjoy! So….I have a new crush…on a color. Yes, having a crush on a color is a little weird, but I work in website design, […]

friday favorites

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friday / friday favorites / lately / latelylena / weekend

Hello! TGIF! I hope you’ve all had relatively smooth and successful weeks. I didn’t feel well this Monday, so mine didn’t start off great, but I’m thankfully feeling much better now. This weekend’s weather is supposed to be decent (60F, cloudy), so we’re planning on starting the mountain of work that is organizing our garage. I’m still in the naive frame of mind that this task is going to be ‘fun’, but I prefer that […]

my favorite winter skin savers

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beauty / products / sephora / sephora play

Raise your hand if you’re as sick of winter as I am! Ok, to be fair, I’m not necessarily sick of winter, but I just hate this part of winter. It’s such a tease! You know, when you get random little glimpses of sun and warmth, and you start to feel optimistic that sunnier days are ahead. You start to fold away some of your bulkiest sweaters, and you even attempt to coax your dead […]

my punny valentine

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love / valentine's day / valentines

Hello, and Happy Valentine’s Day!These are the cutest little illustrations I’ve seen in a while, so I just had to share them with you! They’re so simple, but so clever, and would be so easy to recreate for your valentine ❤ These adorable illustrations come from graphic designer Alyssa Duhe, whose blog is as delightful as her art. Check out more of her work here. Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!xxLena

friday favorites

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favorites / friday / friday favorites / lately / weekend

Happy Friday!  Somehow it’s already February, and Valentine’s Day is next week…umm, how did that happen? I’m definitely not ready for that yet! This weekend, I’m going to the local Planned Parenthood march to support women’s reproductive rights. I’m so excited to march! One positive thing that I’ve noticed in these last few, insane weeks is that people are finally waking up and taking a stand. For so long, we (myself included) just stood idly […]