friday favorites

Happy Friday!

Somehow it’s already February, and Valentine’s Day is next week…umm, how did that happen? I’m definitely not ready for that yet! This weekend, I’m going to the local Planned Parenthood march to support women’s reproductive rights. I’m so excited to march!

One positive thing that I’ve noticed in these last few, insane weeks is that people are finally waking up and taking a stand. For so long, we (myself included) just stood idly by, occasionally bitching about some odd, outdated government policy that doesn’t really affect us personally, but sounds like it might make life difficult for some people.

Now, however, we’re realizing that if we don’t collectively DO SOMETHING, nothing will change. It took an orange dictator to make us realize that we, the people, do have the power, if we harness it correctly. Together, we’re stronger, louder, and much more effective, and if Trump’s presidency brought that out of us a a society, his being elected might actually be the best thing to happen to the US in a long time. Strong words, I know, but I truly believe that. Oh the times, they are a-changin’, and I could not be more ready for it.

And now, on a totally different topic, here are some of this week’s favorites from around the web! Enjoy 🙂

Favorite kitchen trend:

{drooling over apron sinks and planning my dream country home accordingly, via AT}

Favorite online calculator:

{A snow-day predictor! Although it looks like CO is not getting lucky any time soon…via Snow Day Predictor}

Favorite laugh:

{hilarious missed connections between parents, via The Ugly Volvo}

Favorite DIY:

{bookmarking this clever floral napkin holder DIY for my next dinner party! Via ABM}

Favorite tips for success:

{ten morning habits of successful women – I need to work on no.3 – via Camille Styles}

Favorite makeover:

{this before/after kitchen remodel is STUNNING. Via Sprouted Kitchen}

Favorite V Day drink:

{these sweet and salty Palomas with lime and chili salt rims would be perfect for a Valentine’s girls night in! Via Bourbon and Honey}

And there you have it! Have a great weekend, and remember to make your voice heard!


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