friday favorites

Hello! TGIF!

I hope you’ve all had relatively smooth and successful weeks. I didn’t feel well this Monday, so mine didn’t start off great, but I’m thankfully feeling much better now. This weekend’s weather is supposed to be decent (60F, cloudy), so we’re planning on starting the mountain of work that is organizing our garage. I’m still in the naive frame of mind that this task is going to be ‘fun’, but I prefer that to the underlying feeling of dread I can sense building up, so I’m just going with it. Wish us luck! We will definitely need it.

Now, time for some favorites!

Favorite parenting hacks:
{even if you’re not a parent, these hacks are crazy clever. #100 is my FAVE. Via Buzzfeed}

Favorite spring outfit:


Favorite beginner’s guide:

{the penultimate guide to being an activist, via The Every Girl}

Favorite shoes (that I definitely DO NOT NEED):

{resist, Lena….RESIST! Sneakers from Nike, available here}

Favorite insight:

{ten crazy health trends we’ve fallen for over the years, via}

Favorite inspirational stories:

{six women share their career struggles, via Create & Cultivate}

Favorite weekend baking project:

{get ready for this….raspberry meringue earl grey shortbread tartlets – oh my! – via Oh Sweet Day}

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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