Hey friends!

I’ve been a bad blogger this week, and I apologize. I have a whole bunch of half-written posts that I just didn’t like enough to publish and subject you all to, so, instead, today is going to be all about pretty images to soothe and inspire you 🙂 Enjoy!

So….I have a new crush…on a color.

Yes, having a crush on a color is a little weird, but I work in website design, ok? I’m a color and font freak (#F2E5E4 – aka Glossier pink – is my current FAVE). In any case, I have been delighted to see my new favorite color popping up all over the fashion world for Spring.

Actually, now that I think about it, my wedding dress was blush! So I guess I’m not a trend FOLLOWER…I’m a trend SETTER! So there. All I know is, I’m in love and if Conrad is not careful, he’s going to end up sleeping in a pink room (but seriously, how GORGEOUS is this?

Keep scrolling for more ways to incorporate blush into your life…


It’s just sooooooooooooo pretty!
What do you think?


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