Snapshots of my life, lately.

I always like these ‘lately’ posts because they really force me to slow down and appreciate the little moments. A delicious dessert. An extra warm cuddle from Winston. The magical way the light hits the trail behind our house. Things have been crazy as usual, so it’s been extra nice to take note of these small happenings and remember that, no matter what else is going on in the world, things are and always will be ok.


{cherry cheesecake on a Saturday afternoon}
{newest addition to our living room: my DIY mudcloth pillow!}
{local friends stopping by to say hello}
{that winter light}
{cooking with Winston is my new favorite after-work activity}
{speaking of my favorite little guy…}
{the perfect gin martini…recipe + tutorial coming sooooon}
{standing up for women’s health together}
{and of course, more snow}

Hope you’re all having a lovely week.


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