lately (lol)

Well, hello there.

Long time no talk, I know. That’s (obviously) on me, and I apologise. But you guys. THIS YEAR. This. Freaking. Year. Needless to say, this has not been a blogging year, and that’s ok. While I had planned to continue blogging when I moved to Sweden, I quickly realised that, with the move, the new job, the husband going to Africa to conduct his master’s research, the dog (Winston!), and about five thousand other things I had not factored in, those plans were highly optimistic (and highly unrealistic).

But last week, I decided that I missed blogging, regardless of who even still visits this little corner of the internet. As I’ve done since day one, I blog for me, because I love having a creative outlet, and I love writing, photography, and sharing my world in a place that isn’t Facebook or Instagram. A place where I call the shots, and where you, dear reader, can take it or leave it.

So, today, on my 29th birthday, I have decided to resurrect this here lil’ blog. I am not making any promises for consistent posting, because, let’s be real, those promises usually fall flat. But, if you enjoy reading the random and sometimes ridiculous meanderings of an almost-thirty-year-old with the cutest dog in the world, a wonderful husband, and an honest, no-bullshit take on life and all of the weird and wacky loops it throws at us – mixed in with just a touch of Type-A neuroticism and a sprinkle of hopeful naïveté – then stick around. Because I’m not quite done yet (insert evil laugh).

Here’s to the next adventure! Hope to see you there.


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