go, go, go

Things have been quite hectic around here.

So, what’s new? Glad you asked:

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1. My 1-year work contract has miraculously been extended to a permanent position, so THAT’S HAPPENING.

2. We’re moving! Again! To Uppsala, but for real this time. GOODBYE gruelling 1.5 hours commute from southern Stockholm and HELLO adorable little Swedish farmhouse (with a forest for Winnie to roam freely) that is near work!

3. Conrad (husband) has his residence interview next month! This could be a subject for a whole other post (and I may just do that, actually), but the immigration process to Sweden has been really frustrating, long, and tedious. Still, things are moving forward, so trying to stay positive.

4. It’s only February, but I have been travelling quite a bit. First to Myanmar and China for xmas and NY with the family, then to Krakow for a week followed by another week in Bangalore (both work trips). I absolutely love travelling, and I always have so much fun when I go somewhere new, but it is really exhausting. I miss C and Winston so much while I am away, and I truly believe that people are at their absolute worst when in airports (So.Many.Idiots.Out.There).

5. My parents have moved back to Stockholm! It hasn’t been super easy to fit all of us in their apartment (which is huge for Stockholm but miniscule by any other standards), especially since my brother, his lovely girlfriend Nicole, and their friend Mark have also been staying with us for a furniture exposition they have this week in Stockholm. Yes, it has been a bit of a sh*tshow, but it’s also kind of like a gigantic, crazy sleepover, so it has also been quite fun. Winston is getting LOTS of attention, so he’s happy 🙂

I think that is it for now. I am still thinking about how I want to use this space…I am leaning away from a ‘lifestyle blog’ type of format, as I have literally no ‘lifestyle’ to speak of these days, let alone write about on a blog. I do have a lot of things I want to write about, though, and I think that could be kind of interesting. I eventually want to get back into photography but I know that I can’t do that right now. Not only is it too dark in Sweden for good photographs, but I have so little brain space for creative things that I know it will be too difficult a goal to pursue.

Any suggestions or ideas? I have a very small readership, but I do appreciate each and every one of you.

Have a wonderful week!


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