smått & gott

It’s finally March 🌷🌷🌷

Why did January seem to last for a year while Feb and March are flying by?  Time is so strange.

Maybe time is flying by because we’ve been doing a lot after a relatively quiet start to the year. First off, we moved! Our new place is on the outskirts of Uppsala, and we are in the forest/countryside but still only a twenty minute drive to Uppsala and my office. It is SO NICE to be wake up in the country to the birds singing! Our place is super tiny but perfectly cozy and absolutely picturesque. It’s been so fun to decorate and set up.

Work is going well, too. I was offered a permanent position with my company, which, coming from a state with ‘at-will’ employment laws, is essentially a small miracle. March is also significant because Conrad has his migration interview this week! We are so anxious for Conrad to become a permanent resident in Sweden, and the process has been so slow and tedious, with lots of hair-yanking and head-bashing. But now C is on route to Colorado for two weeks, where he’ll do the interview and make the final touches on his thesis.

Which means I’ll be here in our new home (with Winston, of course). I can’t wait to get my camera out one morning and take some photos to share. It really is so cute. The landlords have a black lab (Britta) and she and W just play, and play, and play, and play! It’s exhausting to watch, honestly, but he is sooo happy 🙂

Speak soon!


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