2018 recap (part 1)

Hello dear old blog ☺️

You’ve been neglected yet again. As such, I think a recap of the year is definitely in order, with LOTS of pictures. Sound good?

Despite the lack of blogging, 2018 was a great year, overall. It started out a little rocky and uncertain, but so many good things happened to us. I got a permanent work contract, Conrad got his Swedish permanent residency request approved, we both went on lots of fun trips to new places, ate delicious food, and spent a lot of time with family and friends. C also finished his Master’s thesis! That was a BIG deal.

But to do a proper recap of the year, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?


January was a bit of a mess last year. We spent the new year in Ngapali Beach, Myanmar, which was wonderful and restful, but then came home to cold, dreary Sweden and were thrust right back into real life. Upon returning, we both got sick and also decided the time had come to move to Uppsala officially (we were living in my parent’s flat in Stockholm at the time). I also had two work trips, to Poland and India, to prep for as soon as I returned home. A lot of things going on at once!

Got all dressed up for NYE (even though everyone fell asleep at 10:30!!)
New year’s day, 2018
Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar
Culinary delights in Krakow – one of the best meals of my life! This was some sort of aspic, which I usually despise, but this was incredible.
I think this was steak tartare…I know it was delicious.
Seared duck breast with a fois gras creme and black cherry reduction. SO good.
Amazing, weird, white chocolate passion fruit ‘egg’ in it’s own sugar ‘nest’. To die for.
From 28C in Yangon to -10C in Krakow…quite dramatic!
Happy but cold, exploring Krakow by foot.
I can’t wait to return to Poland!


February came and went in a blur. I went to Bangalore for the first time, which was great. Also spent a lot of the month enjoying time in Stockholm before moving to Uppsala. 

Temples in Bangalore
Possibly my favorite thing ever, floral market stalls!
City views from southern Bangalore
Red light.
Waiting at the hotel until my 23:30 check in time…didn’t swim but it was nice to get some sun!
Back in cold Stockholm!
And just in time for a few cherry blossoms 🙂


We found an apartment! In March, we moved to our little stuga (cottage) in the forest surrounding Uppsala, and we spent the month making it as homey and cozy as possible. Conrad also went to Colorado this month to do his interview for his Swedish residency application, and ended up having to stay there for 3+ weeks because of bureaucratic BS.

Walk views
A semla for Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras)
Our new home! Jk, ours is like twice this size…maybe.
New walk views
Our (actual) new place!
It is soooo cozy
Winston being cute.


April was a BIG month for us, because Conrad got his resident permit and I got a permanent job!! We also had a lovely Easter on the west coast of Sweden with family and friends.

Cinnamon buns, Swedish gravlax, cheese, bread, meats, caviar, blinis, and hard boiled eggs for Easter brunch
STILL winter.
Missed this face after not seeing him for almost a month (we thought he’d be gone a week)


In May, we went to Colorado for Conrad’s graduation ceremony, followed by a road trip to Michigan to see C’s family. The trip was great, and even though C ‘graduated’ without his actual thesis finished, it was still really special to recognise and honour the journey he has been on since he started his master’s. 

The Master
Bagel’s at Gib’s. A Fort Collins must.
LOVED seeing family in Michigan ❤
And REALLY loved meeting my niece Alex for the first time!
These two hit it off right away.
Nephew Max on the run (p.s. can you believe this is in MICHIGAN?)
On Bear Lake
Grandpa Greg and Maisy
Grandma Cathy snuggling a chilly Maisy
Chase, Conrad’s younger brother, who has since cut his hair. I must say, I did like this whole ‘Jesus’ look quite a bit. Maybe you need to recreate it, Chase?
I miss these kids so much!


This month, Conrad went to Norway with one of his best friends from childhood, so I stayed home with Winnie and enjoyed the arrival of early summer. We also celebrated our first Midsummer’s Eve as a family in Sweden, and it was a wonderful, only slightly-rainy, affair. 

Bergen, Norway
Jason taking a smoke break 😛
I want to go next time!!
Meanwhile, Winston and I watched over the stuga.
It wasn’t too ugly here either, I must say.
Dancing around the Midsommarstång, also known as a Maypole.
Dogs, half-naked husband, lake…<3333
A selfie by Edie, our neighbor/ landlord’s adorable 2-year-old.
On Midsummer, we drank a LOT of beer and schnapps
Wild strawberries in the forest outside our house
More walk views
Don’t be fooled by this angelic face – he was COVERED in stinky mud after this.
Of course I forgave him.

And that leads us up to July! I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my 2018 recap, it was really fun to put together 🙂 Stay tuned for Part 2 coming very soon.


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