week 2

Hello and happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a gentle first week back. I’m definitely feeling a bit low. After nearly 3 weeks of vacation (my office offers ‘hang-on’ holidays, so if a national holiday is on a Tuesday or Thursday, we get the day before or after off as well…and we got really, really lucky this year because of how the holidays fell in the week!), I was not super excited to go back to work. While the time away was wonderful and restful, some of my international colleagues had not been so lucky and gone back to work nearly two weeks previously so when I sat down on Tuesday I had a loooong list of unread emails to sort through. Not to mention I was sick as a dog last weekend and basically useless, being confined to my couch for 3 days straight. Etc, etc.

So, I’m trying to be nice to myself, not too hard on myself, bla bla bla. But it’s been a struggle to get motivated again. However, the sun was actually OUT today, a first all week, so I’m feeling a bit more hopeful. Winston and I walked to the dog park and met another English golden retriever named Alma! Her owner, Ulla, taught me the word for neutered in Swedish (kastrerad, which, like, duh) and I made secret plans to breed these two and keep all the puppies. JK, obviously.

I have to go to Stockholm this weekend, so fingers crossed that the good weather continues. Stockholm in the sun is one of the prettiest things I know, and a sure mood-lifter.

Have a good weekend 😘


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