week 5

Helllooooo! It’s FINALLY February!

I saw this meme on Instagram and it seemed apt:

Seriously, this month always seems so long to me. But this week flew by! Our new schedules are in full swing, and Conrad and I spent this week just trying to keep up. He’s working on a research project this semester, and his hours are both earlier and later than normal, so it’s been hard to adjust since he used to have a much more flexible schedule when he was taking classes.

He seems to love the project so far, which is great. Meanwhile, I was swamped this week with doctor’s appointments, back-to-back meetings, all of my bills being due at the same time and me procrastinating paying them until now 😇, etc., etc. But we made it! And I slept in luxuriously this morning as a reward.

I am heading to Stockholm this evening to see my family. My mom is not well (she has arthritis in her knee and needs a knee replacement), and has been ordered to rest this week so I want to go see her while she is in town (she works and lives in Brussels). My brother and his puppy Achilles will also be there as he has a furniture show in Stockholm next week, and I have yet to meet the puppy so I am so excited to see them! And introduce him to Winston, of course. Winston had lots of puppy practice last weekend, when we watched our friends’ kids, so I think he will do well with Achilles.

Ok! I’m going to go drink some more coffee and make this lemon pudding cake to bring for dessert tonight. Have a wonderful Saturday, and check back in tomorrow evening for part 2 of our Thailand trip! I have it almost ready to post, so fingers crossed it will be there tomorrow 😘



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  1. […] Mine has been insanely (and I haaaaate using this word because it sounds so cliché but in this case it is true!) busy. And it’s only Thursday, lol. But I am leaving for Brussels tomorrow morning, so I’ve had to pack a lot into four days. I’ll be there visiting my mom, who works for a German organization based in Brussels. I’m really excited to see her and help her out, since she has been suffering from a painful arthritic knee that is in desperate need of replacement, and her pain has gotten a lot worse in the last month (she had to make an emergency trip home just last week). […]


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