weeks 7 + 8

Hello and apologies for the very delayed post! Better late than never, eh?

As you can imagine, my lack of posting last week was mostly due to having quite a bit going on. I returned home from Brussels quite late last Monday night and didn’t really stop moving until last Saturday, when Conrad and I slept in, did nothing all day but walk the dog, and topped the whole thing off with a an actual MOVIE at an actual THEATER. I don’t know why I am emphasizing that so much, except that I never go see movies, so it was quite a special evening. We watched 1917, which is certainly not fun or funny, but it was a great movie to watch on a large screen. We were both left kind of dazzled by it.

This week, we were house/pet-sitting for friends in another part of town, and it was so much fun. We stayed at their place last summer (that’s when these photos were taken, obviously!) and we love their old Swedish farmhouse turned family home. They have a dog, 2 cats, and 2 rabbits, so I basically lived my dream life for the past few days. Everywhere I went, there was a little crowd that would settle in around me. Conrad worked at the bar on Friday and Saturday nights, but I definitely felt less lonely with my furry fan club ❤

This next week is going to be no exception to the insanity! We are back home, but now we are watching Poppy, my family’s dog, for the week and she already stole a huge chunk of cheese and has been omitting (emitting?) horrible smells all afternoon. A GREAT start to the week, hahaha.

But, I am back to blogging and will not disappear again 😊

Have a great Sunday!


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