week 9

Another week + weekend, gone so fast…not to mention a new month!

Happy March, everyone, and don’t despair: we’re getting closer and closer to Spring. So, what did I get up to?

Actually, I didn’t feel well for most of last week, so, not much. It was cold, rainy, snowy, and then slush-y. I took advantage of our claw-foot tub and only went out to walk the dogs, except for Wednesday, went I met my work team at Miss Voon’s downtown for dinner. We had just missed the sunset, but the view is still so lovely from up there. And the food isn’t bad either 😉

There was a brief glimpse of sun on Friday, during which I managed to get some pretty pictures of Uppsala…

…including this hilarious pic of a great dane waiting for it’s owner in a kid’s bike wagon:

I hope everyone has a great Sunday evening, and best of luck to all of us tomorrow morning ❤️


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