week 14

Hi, friends!

Hope you are all doing ok. Another strange week has gone by and we’re all still just as worried and uncertain about what will happen. We spent the weekend in (surprise!), with only one outing on Saturday to a nature reserve where we were able to let Winston run around like crazy and expend some pent-up energy. It felt so good to be out in a large open space!

As you can see, we were on our own. The weather was nice (if cold), and after a few hours out, we headed back home for some more social isolation. I’m suffering from the Sunday Scaries™️ this evening, so I will keep this post short and sweet, but just know that we are doing ok, slowly figuring out how to be productive at home, taking time to feel sad or worried when it comes up, and using the extra time at home to cook things we love to eat (post coming next week!).

How have you been holding up? I change from day to day, but as long as I stick to some semblance of a routine, I feel ok. If you’re interested in how I’m structuring my time during this pandemic, please let me know. I’d be happy to share what I’m trying to do to stay sane.

Lots of love, as always,


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