quarantine cuisine


Despite feeling rather anxious last night, I feel much better today (remember that emotional roller coaster I mentioned? Welcome to the ride!). So much better, that I felt like writing a post.

So! What have we been eating during this pandemic? Pretty good stuff, if I do say so myself 😊

There’s been comfort food:

There’s been pasta:

There’s been pizza:

There’s been (some) healthy food:

There’s also been drinks:

As for what we will be cooking in the days to come? I have been taking direct inspiration from Bon Appetit’s list of Big Batch Recipes

From left to right:

I found all of these recipes here, if you’re interested in bookmarking.

What have you been doing to pass the time? I’ve been reading The Silence of the Lambs – can confirm that the book is just as, if not more terrifying than the movie – and re-watching Mad Men because I love it so much. I’ve also been trying to stretch or move everyday, either using a Youtube tutorial or just by blasting music and dancing around (sorry neighbors).

In other news, I have never vacuumed so much in my life (again, sorry neighbors) and yet THERE IS DOG HAIR…EVERYWHERE! I am also dangerously close to either giving myself a haircut or tie-dyeing more of my clothes, and I am not sure which is the worst option. But other than that, everything is fine!!!?

Anyway, hang in there ❤️ Make food, move around! And I’d love some TV recommendations because Mad Men is only 7 seasons long and I need something to watch this weekend 😭😭😭


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