unpopular opinions

This tag going around FB a while ago, and I thought it was kind of fun…

(Also, apparently this is where we’re at mentally right now, at this stage of quarantine, so…make of that what you will)

Here’s how to play: Name ten things you hate (or just don’t like) but everyone else seems to love. Tag others on Facebook if they are also in the state of mind to play silly online tagging challenges (you’d be surprised how many of us there are now).

So, here goes. Ten things I either hate or just don’t like, in no particular order:

1. I think I might hate ketchup? Yeah, I kind of hate ketchup. Not sure what that is about.

2. I have never understood the appeal of Goldfish crackers or Cheez-its (they taste exactly the same to me, and I’ve never cared for either)

3. Similarly, I’m not a huge fan of candy! I like dessert and sweet things, but really only like one or two types of candy (and it’s not candy hearts of jelly beans.)

4. I hate taking showers! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I find it to be really tedious and annoying (esp. the fact that I seem to need to do it, like, every few days). Please note: I do shower, I just don’t like to 🙄

5. One fashion trend I would like to see die and never return is low-waist flare jeans

6. I also don’t love the super, super long nails trend. How do you do anything with those on?

7. I have never watched The Bachelor. I tried once, but it made my brain hurt and I genuinely could not believe that any of it was real (there’s no way it’s real, right???)

8. I have never seen Frozen, but I haaaaate the song.

9. I’d rather be burnt alive than go to Coachella or Burning Man (ha! See what I did there…)

10. I don’t hate running, but you’d have to pay me a lot of money to do a marathon (and I mean, a LOT of money).

And now, for fun, three things I love that everyone else seems to hate!

  1. Caviar and pickled herring (typical Scandinavian fare that I have to bribe everyone to try when they come to visit).
  2. Another food-related one, but I loooooove oysters and all things seafood/shellfish.
  3. I LOVE TITANIC (the movie, obviously, not the tragedy). It’s probably my favorite movie of all time. I truly do not understand how that film gets so much hate, it is SO GOOD!

Anyway, those are a few little tidbits about me! I am definitely contrarian by nature, and I love to hate what everyone else loves, haha. Which usually bites me in the ass because, when I finally give in and watch/read/experience the thing, I end up loving it and wondering why I spent so much time hating on it!

What do you love to hate, or hate to love?


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