week 16

Hello! How are you guys doing?

What’s new this week? Not too much, except that I completed a big work project, baked a French-style lemon tart that was (probably?) the best thing I have ever made, and finally caught up with all my laundry.

Vacuuming is still happening numerous times per day (hooray for white, long-haired dogs going through their shedding period!).

This weekend, we had no plans (once again, what a surprise!!), except to continue to stay home. We did spend a nice Saturday afternoon at a nature area, where, in between the big grey clouds, a bright and beautiful sun was waiting to peek out, and Winston had a standoff with local geese.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of another week in quarantine…how are you guys coping? I am doing ok. I feel like I am finally getting into a good daily routine, though it does get thrown off with the occasional late night or bad mood.

I don’t have anything particularly special coming up, but I do have a couple of projects to finish in the next week. What I really miss right now is my desk and office chair. I don’t really have a designated spot to work from at home, so I usually either work from the couch or our dining table, neither of which is doing anything good to my spine. I also miss my second screen and my regular keyboard/mouse! I’d pop over to my office to pick them up, but I left my office keys with my parents by accident. So for now, I am stuck on the couch with a laptop and a sore neck. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay to be able to work from home.

As always, take good care of yourselves! Sending love to all.


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