dipping back in….

Could a return to blogging be in the works?

Hello dear friends!

If you are reading this, you’ll know it’s been a few years since my last post – and in many ways, it feels like it’s been literal decades. For many of us, the beginning of 2020 seemed so promising, but then God laughed, shook her head, and said, ‘Lol, hold my beer.’

Two long years later, the world is still in a state of continuous flux. The Covid-19 pandemic is not quite over (or is it? LMK, it feels like I get new info everyday), but life continues to go on.

Borders and offices are opening, and things like weddings, travel and other aspects of our ‘previous’ life are resuming as normal. Overall, I’m feeling pretty pumped about my summer plans, which include a family wedding, a Euro road trip, and numerous long-awaited reunions, but every so often, I feel a familiar dread growing from the inside…

Then I quickly remind myself that this is a CLEAR sign of what I fondly refer to as ‘my Covid coping mechanism’ – developed during the past few years of constant uncertainty – wherein I mentally prepare for the inevitable cancellation of any and all future plans and steel myself (yet again) for the crushing weight of (yet another) disappointment thanks to Covid.

But I don’t want to talk about that now!!! I want to hold on to that fluffy, positive feeling of excitement and anticipation, because it has been a while since those kinds of feelings have felt truly real. Similarly, it has also been a while since I have felt inspired to blog, and I suppose that the idea of having things to look forward to again made me think back to the days of when I was updating here pretty regularly. What started as a way to practice a short-lived photography hobby turned into a way to simultaneously continue writing, and, in the end, became a unique mix of 1/3 scrapbook, 1/3 regular life updates to friends and family, and 1/3 a landing place for me to save interesting things I found on the internet.

And then I moved to Sweden.

As you know, I kept the blog up here and there for the first few years, but eventually I lost both the personal motivation and the physical time/energy required to maintain an interesting blog (not to mention a completely non-monetised blog driven solely by personal interest). Those closest to me know that the last few years have been incredibly difficult both personally and professionally – and this is all before Covid reared it’s ugly head. Moving to a new country, while exciting and full of adventure, is also extremely difficult and often very stressful, and my reality, as the partner of someone who requires a full team of medical experts and a wide range of medical services/medications, proved to be much more complicated and exhausting than I ever thought it would be.

All this to say, I’ve missed blogging and sharing my world through my blog, and I feel like I finally have the mental capacity to take it on again. My brother actually groaned out loud when I told him I was thinking of blogging again, so that’s where we are currently at over here 😉 I want to make sure, dear reader, that you keep your expectations low (as we know, consistency is not my strong-suit), but my hope is that my brother is in the minority, and that this blog is as fun for you to read and follow as it is for me to write and keep alive.

Hope to see you around!


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